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Contractor using a circular saw to field trim a Simpson Strong-Wall shearwall at the jobsite

Simpson Strong-Tie Products

We carry Simpson Strong-Tie and Strong-Wall shearwalls

We are a full-line Simpson Strong-Tie dealer with a full array of products for residential and commercial applications. You may not see them, but structural building products help support and strengthen the frames of homes and buildings, making them stronger, safer and more durable. Our Strong-Tie inventory includes a complete selection of connectors and fastening systems for wood, anchoring and fastening systems for concrete and masonry, and Strong-Wall shearwalls by special order.

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A full array of Simpson Strong-Tie products, including connectors, fasteners and anchoring systems for wood, concrete and masonry
Contractor using a circular saw to field trim a Simpson Strong-Wall shearwall at the jobsite

Simpson Strong-Wall

The Strong-Wall is part of Simpson Strong-Tie’s “whole-systems” approach to building design and construction. These prefabricated shearwalls are designed and engineered to offer design flexibility with greater lateral-force resistance and load support. Quick and easy to install, these factory-built shearwalls are a cost effective alternative to site-built shearwalls. Strong-Wall shearwalls are narrower and available in a full array of code-listed Wood and Steel Strong-Wall shearwalls.

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Three sizes of Simpson Strong-Wall SB Shearwall

Strong-Wall SB Shearwall

The Strong-Wall SB shearwall is a specially designed, prefabricated, engineered-wood panel that delivers greater lateral-force-resistance performance than most on-site built wood shearwalls. Contractors now have the ability to field trim and drill the shearwall for customized heights and rake wall applications.



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Simpson Earthquake Retrofitting

In California earthquake country, retrofitting studies show that retrofitted homes have performed well, with little or no structural damage after a major earthquake. We carry the complete line of Simpson Strong-Tie retrofit products designed and engineered to strengthen your home for just such an event. Download their Seismic Retrofit Guide to learn more.

Simpson Strong-Tie Seismic Retrofit Guide
20 pages / 2.1mb PDF

Simpson Strong-Tie Seismic Retrofit Guide cover


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Customer Services

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If you are a contractor, we have a truckload of services designed especially for you. From accounts, millwork and fabrication, to scheduled deliveries, custom orders, and tool repair. We know how valuable your time is and we are here to help speed things along.

South City Lumber & Supply lumber delivery truck

Lumber Delivery

From small orders to an entire truck load, if you need it delivered or don’t have a big enough trunk, let us know. We have a fleet of trucks and offer curbside delivery directly to your jobsite. Prices vary based on distance, and quotes are available from your salesperson when you place your order.

Custom wood door


We offer complete milling and fabrication services through our Lumber Desk. If you need to match a moulding pattern or historical siding for a renovation, or you’re creating something totally new for a custom home, our experienced professionals are here to help with your project and millwork specifications.

Can’t find what you are looking for?

Give us a call or send us an email – we carry a wide variety of lumber and wood products, building materials and supply.

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