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This two story house features Bodyguard exterior siding and Bodyguard exterior trim

Siding, Fascia & Trim

We carry a wide selection of architectural styles

The look of wood siding is still preferred by most homeowners, and we stock a variety of traditional siding patterns commonly found in Bay Area architecture. Our inventory includes Bodyguard siding, made from sustainably harvested Pine and treated with an eco-friendly preservative, and HardiePlank lap siding, a fiber-cement siding that’s engineered to perform in the harshest environments. For the craftsman Bungalow builder, we carry Red Cedar shingles and all of the building materials to shingle a house.

Ask us about Boral TruExterior Siding & Trim. The Craftsman Collection offers a variety of authentic, full-thickness siding profiles with bold, defined shapes and the natural aesthetic of traditional wood siding — all without the maintenance and upkeep associated with wood siding.

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Wood Siding Profiles

Bodyguard V-Rustic exterior wood siding profile

V-Rustic Siding

Bodyguard Rabbeted Bevel exterior wood siding profile

Rabbeted Bevel Siding

Bodyguard Cove exterior wood siding profile

Cove Siding

Bodyguard Bevel Channel exterior wood siding profile

Bevel Channel Siding

Bodyguard Lap exterior wood siding profile

Lap Siding



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Replacing wood siding

If you are replacing siding and need to match an existing pattern, our exterior siding products are architecturally correct to help preserve the historic character of your home. The wood siding we carry is milled to match traditional architectural styles and patterns, and in general features a more generous profile. If you’re renovating an older residence or restoring a Victorian where the siding profile is just a little thicker, then this siding should be a better match.

Bodyguard exterior wood siding and matching trim is used on the front of this house

Bodyguard Exterior Siding

This is a premier wood product available in a variety of traditional West Coast siding styles and trim boards to enhance the architectural character of your home. Bodyguard is a natural wood product manufactured from kiln-dried lumber that’s sustainably sourced from the Pine forests of New Zealand. All defects such as knots and resin pockets are removed prior to finger-jointing.

Selection of Bodyguard exterior wood siding including V-Rustic, Bevel Channel, Cove Lap and Rabbeted Bevel

Bodyguard is treated under pressure with a carbon-based solution that penetrates the wood. This environmentally friendly preservative extends wood life and provides protection against decay, corrosion and insects. Above ground applications include exterior siding, exterior and interior door and window frames, and trimboard. Primed and ready to paint.

Bodyguard is FSC certified and Green Building credited

Bodyguard Exterior Siding
V-Rustic Siding 1x6, 1x8, 1x10 16'
Bevel Channel Siding 1x8, 1x10 16'
Cove Lap Siding 1x8, 1x10 16'
Rabbeted Bevel Siding 3/4x6, 3/4x8 16'
Bodyguard Trim and Fascia
1x2 to 1x12
2x4 to 2x12
5/4x4 to 5/4x8
Additional profiles and sizes available via special order.

Bodyguard Exterior Siding
Bodyguard Technical Manual
28 pages / 1.3MB PDF

Craftsman architectural style is replicated in this window detail using Bodyguard exterior moulding and trim

Moulding & Trim

Bodyguard’s West Coast moulding and trim collection features a wide variety of products to compliment and give your siding project that finishing touch. Choose from many architecturally correct patterns, including step stucco mould, shingle mould, brick mould and pediment crown moulding. Primed and ready to paint.

A selection of Body guard exterior mouldings showing end profiles
The added thickness of these boards cast deep shadow lines across your home's exterior for added dimension and drama.
James Hardie fiber-cement siding gives historical accuracy to this home renovation

James Hardie Fiber-Cement Exterior Siding

Create historic accuracy for any style home with fiber-cement exterior siding from James Hardie. Designed and engineered to perform in exterior applications with the appearance of wood siding without the drawbacks common to wood.

Cal Fire Approved symbol

James Hardie fiber-cement siding resists the harshest weather, fungal decay, pests and the spread of flame, providing greater security from fire. Approved by Cal Fire for use in high-fire or Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) areas.

Hardieplank Lap Siding
HardiePlank Smooth 8-1/4" (7" exposure) 12' planks
HardiePlank Cedarmill 8-1/4" (7" exposure) 12' planks
HardiePlank Smooth 9-1/4" (8" exposure) 12' planks
Additional widths from 5¼" to 12" available via special order.
Clean exterior look of HardiePlank fiber-cement lap siding as seen in this two-story renovation

HardiePlank Lap Siding

Traditional and timeless, HardiePlank lap siding is a great choice for a simple and clean exterior look with deep shadow lines and lots of curb appeal. HardiePlank combines beauty and durability in a non-combustible siding that’s engineered to withstand all types of weather. Available in smooth or cedarmill, a soft texture that mimics wood. Primed and ready to paint.

Window detail showing HardiePlank lap siding with wood grain texture complimented by HardieTrim trim boards

HardieTrim Trim Boards

Compliment your Hardie siding and add that final touch to complete your home’s design. Accentuate corners, roof lines, doors, windows and more with HardieTrim boards. Available in rustic, a raised texture that mimics wood and smooth in an assortment of common sizes. Available via special order.

Backyard view of two-story renovation featuring Artisan fiber-cement lap siding by James Hardie

Artisan Lap Siding

With Artisan V-Rustic premium exterior siding from James Hardie you can achieve the historic look and beauty of V-Rustic siding without concern for the drawbacks of wood siding performance. Plus the innovative Lock Joint system enables a blind nail application, offering homeowners a beautiful seamless aesthetic. Artisan Lap Tongue & Groove Siding is available via special order.

A sampling of Red Cedar shingles

Red Cedar Shingles

Naturally durable and resistant to rot, shingles are well suited for the architectural styles of the Craftsman or Arts and Crafts aesthetic, especially the craftsman Bungalow so commonly found in the Bay Area. We carry Red Cedar shingles. Cedar is a great wood choice because it’s dimensionally stable, resists swelling, and has less splitting and cupping. Our shingles are precisely milled and refined in appearance.

Red Cedar Shingles
#1 Grade 5x16 Available in Bundles
#2 Grade 5x16 Available in Bundles
Bundle covers 25 square feet with 7" exposure.
Red Cedar Shingle Panels, Fancy Cuts, and Re-squared and Re-butted (R-R) are available via special order.
Resawn Plywood Siding for wood shed

Resawn Plywood Siding

Whether remodeling or building new, Resawn Douglas Fir exterior siding panels offer a convenient and cost-effective way to protect the exterior of your home. This is a durable all wood siding and the resawn face provides a classic look with lots of curb appeal when finished with a stain.

Douglas Fir Saw Textured Plywood Siding
Select Grade R/S Plain 3/8", 5/8" 4x8
Select Grade R/S Plain Pattern 4 5/8" 4x8
Select Grade R/S Plain Pattern 8 5/8" 4x8, 4x9, 4x10
R/S = Resawn, Saw textured surface
Old logging photo showing a very large log with a group of men standing on top while three sit beside it


Antique Sargent & Co. hand plane

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Lumber Delivery

From small orders to an entire truck load, if you need it delivered or don’t have a big enough trunk, let us know. We have a fleet of trucks and offer curbside delivery directly to your jobsite. Prices vary based on distance, and quotes are available from your salesperson when you place your order.

Custom wood door


We offer complete milling and fabrication services through our Lumber Desk. If you need to match a moulding pattern or historical siding for a renovation, or you’re creating something totally new for a custom home, our experienced professionals are here to help with your project and millwork specifications.

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