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TruExterior siding is highly resistant to moisture and a great choice for the exterior siding of this multi-story home

Siding, Fascia & Trim

TruExterior, Advantage Plus, HardiePlank, Cedar Shingles & Resawn Plywood

We stock a variety of siding patterns commonly found in Bay Area architecture. Whether building new and looking for performance with curb appeal, or replacing siding and need a full-thickness profile, our inventory includes wood, composite and fiber cement.

We carry TruExterior composite siding, Advantage Plus treated wood siding and James Hardie HardiePlank lap siding. We also carry Red Cedar Shingles for the Craftsman look and resawn plywood siding in plain or pattern panels.

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  • TruExterior Siding & Trim
  • Advantage Plus Siding & Trim
  • James Hardie Fiber-Cement Exterior Siding
  • HardiePLank Lap Siding
  • Artisan Siding
  • Red Cedar Shingles
  • Resawn Plywood Siding
TruExterior siding on a two story colonial house

TruExterior Siding & Trim

TruExterior is a new category of siding that is exceptionally durable and highly resistant to rotting, cracking, splitting, termites and fire. The exclusive Poly-ash microstructure is virtually impervious to moisture and the siding can be used in moist or ground level applications.

TruExterior V-Rustic siding samples

The Craftsman Collection offers a variety of authentic, full-thickness siding profiles with bold, defined shapes, deep shadow lines, and the natural aesthetic of traditional wood siding. Consisting of more than 70% recycled materials, TruExterior can be worked just like wood and comes primed, ready to paint and you do not have to seal the ends.

Approved by CAL FIRE for use in Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones (VHFHSZ) or Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) zones.

TruExterior siding is a great choice for the exterior siding of this multi-story home
TruExterior Siding
V-Rustic Siding 1x6, 1x8 16'

Ends do not need to be sealed during installation.
TruExterior Siding is also available 1x6, 1x8 and 1x10 in the following profiles; V-Rustic (1x10), Bevel Channel, Square Channel, Cove, Square Shiplap and Nickel Gap via Special Order.

TruExterior Trim Boards
Reversible Trim Boards
1x4, 1x6
5/4x4, 5/4x6

Reversible trim boards feature wood grain and smooth finish.
Applications include fascia, door/window trim, soffits and rake boards.

V-Rustic wood siding profile


Bevel Channel wood siding profile

Bevel Channel

Cove wood siding profile


Rabbeted Bevel wood siding profile

Rabbeted Bevel

Two Lap wood siding profile


Advantage Plus Siding & Trim

Made from Radiata Pine that’s been kiln dried with defects removed prior to finger-joining. Advantage Plus products are then pressure treated to prevent rot and termite attack with an EPA approved non-corrosive LOSO treat, which also makes them safer to handle. Once treated, two coats of factory applied latex primer creates a smooth working surface prior to painting.

Approved by CAL FIRE for use in Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) zones.

Victorian house with large front porch features Kelleher Advantage Plus exterior wood siding and wood trim

Sustainably harvested Advantage Plus wood siding is available in eight West Coast siding profiles with fascia and trim boards to match.

Advantage Plus Siding
V-Rustic Siding 1x6, 1x8, 1x10 16', 20'
Bevel Channel Siding 1x8, 1x10 16', 20'
Cove Lap Siding 1x8, 1x10 16', 20'
Rabbeted Bevel Siding 3/4x6, 3/4x8 16', 20'
Advantage Plus Trim and Fascia
Trim Boards 1x2 to 1x12
2x4 to 2x12
5/4x4 to 5/4x8
16', 20'

Primed and ready to paint. Saw cuts and nail holes need to be sealed with a wood preservative prior to painting.
Additional profiles and sizes available via Special Order.
Advantage Plus 30-year Transferable Warranty.

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South City Lumber & Supply Co.

If we do not have what you are looking for, or you need something special, give us a call or send us an We will do everything we can to find and get it to you as soon as possible.

HardiePlank fiber cement siding is the exterior cladding of choice in this residential home

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

Designed and engineered to perform in exterior applications with the appearance of wood siding without the drawbacks common to wood. James Hardie fiber-cement siding resists the harshest weather, fungal decay, pests and the spread of flame, providing greater security from fire.

Approved by CAL FIRE for use in Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones (VHFHSZ) or Wildland-Urban Interface zones.

Create historic accuracy for your home with fiber cement siding from James Hardie.
This two-story home gets lots of curb appeal from the HardiePlank fiber cement Lap siding

Traditional and timeless, HardiePlank lap siding is a great choice for a simple and clean exterior look with deep shadow lines and lots of curb appeal. HardiePlank combines beauty and durability in a non-combustible siding that’s engineered to withstand all types of weather.

HardiePlank Lap Siding
HardiePlank Smooth 8-1/4" (7" exposure) 12' planks
HardiePlank Cedarmill 8-1/4" (7" exposure) 12' planks
HardiePlank Smooth 9-1/4" (8" exposure) 12' planks

Available in smooth or cedarmill, a soft texture that mimics wood.
Primed and ready to paint.
Additional widths from 5-1/4" to 12" available via Special Order.

HardiePlank Lap siding with Cedarmill wood grain texture is complimented by HardieTrim trim boards in this window detail

HardieTrim Trim Boards

Compliment your Hardie siding and add that final touch to complete your home’s design. Accentuate corners, roof lines, doors, windows and more with HardieTrim boards. Available in rustic, a raised texture that mimics wood and smooth in an assortment of common sizes. Available via Special Order.

Window detail showing HardiePlank Cedarmill Lap siding complimented by HardieTrim trim boards.

A combination of James Hardie Artisan fiber cement Lap and V-Groove siding is used on this Oakland Hills home

Artisan fiber cement Lap and V-Groove siding.

Artisan Siding

With Artisan premium exterior siding from James Hardie you can achieve the historic look and beauty of traditional siding without concern for the drawbacks of wood siding. Plus the innovative Lock Joint system enables a blind nail application, offering homeowners a beautiful seamless aesthetic.

Artisan siding is 5/8" thick and primed, ready for paint. V-Groove, Lap, Bevel Channel, Square Channel, Shiplap and Beaded Lap is available via Special Order.

A sampling of Red Cedar shingles

Red Cedar Shingles

Naturally durable and resistant to rot, shingles are well suited for the architectural styles of the Craftsman or Arts and Crafts aesthetic, especially the craftsman Bungalow so commonly found in the Bay Area. We carry Red Cedar shingles. Cedar is a great wood choice because it’s dimensionally stable, resists swelling, and has less splitting and cupping. Our shingles are precisely milled and refined in appearance.

Red Cedar Shingles
#1 Grade 5x16 Available in Bundles
#2 Grade 5x16 Available in Bundles

Bundle covers 25 square feet with 7" exposure.
Red Cedar Shingle Panels, Fancy Cuts, and Re-squared and Re-butted (R-R) are available via special order.

Resawn plywood siding was used on the exterior of this farm style house with a large porch

Resawn Plywood Siding

Whether remodeling or building new, Resawn Douglas Fir exterior siding panels offer a convenient and cost-effective way to protect the exterior of your home. This is a durable all wood siding with a resawn face that provides a classic look with lots of curb appeal when finished with a stain.

Douglas Fir Resawn Plywood Siding
Select Grade R/S Plain 3/8", 5/8" 4x8
Select Grade R/S Plain Pattern 4 5/8" 4x8
Select Grade R/S Plain Pattern 8 5/8" 4x8, 4x9, 4x10

Graded for front and back veneer face and adhesive used.

Saw Blade Sharpening

We’ll keep you sharp

Our Sharpening Service offers saw blade sharpening for steel and carbide saw blades, and they sharpen router bits and drill bits.

Along with sharpening, if your favorite tool should ever stop working or fall off a ladder and break, our tool department is an official Factory Authorized Repair Drop-off and Pick-up location for all of the major tool brands.

The Skilsaw Sidewinder circular saw for fiber cement is OSHA Compliant

SKILSAW for Fiber Cement

Power through stacks of fiber cement siding while keeping silica dust to a minimum. The SKILSAW Sidewinder circular saw for fiber cement is OSHA Compliant and features a blade guard extension and dust channel to funnel dust into the included shop vac vacuum hose.

Diablo HardieBlade for fiber cement

DIABLO HardieBlade

The DIABLO HardieBlade is the only approved fiber cement saw blade recommended by James Hardie. The perfect saw blade for heavy duty applications or when cutting multiple pieces of fiber cement board. Saw blade generates less respirable dust and delivers up to 60 times longer cutting life.

Glider style replacement wood window with clear view

Windows & Doors

Our Window & Door Showroom is located in the original lumber yard office building and features an extensive display of molding and trim. We carry the major brands of Windows, Doors, Patio Doors, Skylights and Architectural Hardware. Visit our page to learn more.

Cover of South City Lumber & Supply Lumber & Wood Lumber Catalog PDF

Lumber & Wood Catalog

Our Lumber & Wood Catalog is a handy, easy to use six page reference guide to the type of lumber and wood products we inventory. Included are the sizes and lumber grades available, the building materials stocked, and the Contractor Services we offer.

Lumber & Wood Catalog

6 pages / 1.5MB PDF

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