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Restored Victorian on a hill features decorative wood mouldings and trim boards to complete the look

Moulding & Trim

We carry a wide selection of styles, profiles & patterns

One of the easiest ways to enhance the appearance and add style to any room is with the addition of moulding. We carry a diverse range of moulding styles, profiles and patterns in hardwood, clear solid and finger-jointed Pine, vertical-grain Fir and Redwood.

We also stock a wide selection of MDF moulding with exceptional detail that is primed and ready to paint.

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  • Kelleher Moulding
  • Custom Millwork

Moulding Styles

Samples of crown ceiling moulding in three sizes

Ceiling Moulding

Crown and cornice moulding is used to conceal the joint where the wall joins the ceiling and soften the transition. Crown adds drama and a distinctive look to any room. It can be used alone or as part of a build-up using a linear molding like casing or baseboard. Crown can also be used in fireplace mantels.

Samples of window and door casing moulding in three profiles and sizes

Window and Door

Casing moulding is used to cover the transition gap between the wall (drywall) and the window or door frame. The most visible of decorative trims, casing will define the look of any room and provide that finishing touch. Generally thicker than base moulding, door casings can be wider and show more mass than window casing.

Samples of wall and decorative moulding, including chair rail, panel moulding and picture frame

Wall and Decorative Trim

Chair rail, picture frame or panel moulding is often used as a decorative element to enhance a room, connect a surface or cover a joint.

Samples of floor moulding, including base moulding, baseboard and base shoe

Floor Moulding

Base moulding or baseboard is generally applied around the room where the wall and floor meet. Usually thinner than casing, base moulding should be chosen to work in harmony with your casing to finish the look and tie the room together. A base shoe moulding is a small quarter-round used at the bottom to cover the gap between base and floor.

Samples of tongue and groove wood beadboard used for walls, ceilings and wainscoting

Wainscot / Beadboard

Wainscoting is an old-fashioned look that will add a lot of character to any room. Our tongue and groove beadboard can be used for walls, ceilings and wainscoting, creating your traditional farmhouse kitchen. Some styles available are reversible, with one side plain V-groove and one side V-bead.

We carry a wide selection of historically accurate moulding styles that are typically found in Bay Area architecture.
This ornate residential kitchen uses Metrie El & El fine wood mouldings, high-relief mouldings and hand-carved friezes

Metrie El & El Wood Products

Our moulding of choice is from Metrie El & El Wood Products. They specialize in exceptionally fine wood and urethane mouldings for every room in the house. Whether you are working on a residential remodel, doing new construction or a restoration project, Metrie El & El has a complete range of products to enhance and compliment your design and esthetic.

A selection of Metrie El & El moulding profiles in wood and MDF

Metrie El & El mouldings are available in a wide variety of woods including solid and finger-jointed Pine, Douglas Fir, hardwoods and MDF. In addition to the variety of wood species, they also produce specialty mouldings; including ornamentally embossed Poplar mouldings, high-relief mouldings, hand-carved friezes and flexible mouldings when you need to follow a curve.

Metrie El & El Wood Products logo

Below you’ll find a selection of moulding brochures from Metrie El & El available for download. If we do not stock a particular style we can order it and have it delivered to our yard within a day or two.

Brochure Downloads

Metrie El & El Wood Products Black Book of Moulding booklet cover image

Metrie El & El Black Book of Moulding
Interior/Exterior Moulding Pocket Guide
MDF, solid and finger-jointed Pine, hardwoods, vertical grain Fir, Redwood
Metrie El & El Black Book of Moulding
96 pages / 5.4mb PDF

Metrie EL & El Interior Moulding & Trim
AZ / CA Moulding Catalog
Metrie EL & El Interior Moulding & Trim
80 pages / 16.5mb PDF

Metrie EL & El Hardwood Moulding
Alder, Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, Oak, Poplar, Walnut
Metrie El & El Hardwood Moulding Brochure
6 pages / 2.5mb PDF

Metrie EL & El Pine Moulding
Primed & unprimed finger-jointed Pine and solid Pine.
Metrie EL & El Pine Moulding Brochure
6 pages / 2.7mb PDF

If we do not stock your moulding style, we can custom run to pattern, and match your existing moulding in your choice of wood species.
Living room using Kelleher moulding for walls, ceiling and floors

Kelleher Moulding

Kelleher represents some of the finest wood moulding mills in the United States and the world. What started out of a quonset hut in San Rafael has become a network of artisan craftsman and distribution centers, combined with pre-finishing and manufacturing facilities to tailor products to your needs.

Kelleher logo

Kelleher offers a very diverse range of moulding and trim styles and patterns at affordable prices. Their product line features mouldings in a variety of wood species including Pine, Douglas Fir, Oak, Poplar, Alder and Redwood, and a selection of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) mouldings.

Brochure Downloads

Kelleher Moulding, Lumber and Doors PDF Catalog cover

Kelleher Moulding Catalog
Northern Edition
Moulding Catalog & Design Guide
151 pages / 25.3mb PDF

Kelleher MDF Moulding Catalog
Floor, Ceiling, Wall, Window & Door
MDF Moulding Catalog
54 pages / 7.5mb PDF

Kelleher Primed Pine Moulding Catalog
Floor, Ceiling, Wall, Window & Door
Trim Caps & Stops
Primed Pine Moulding Catalog
48 pages / 8.7mb PDF

Kelleher Stain Grade Moulding Catalog
Solid Wood - Floor, Ceiling, Wall, Window & Door
Stain Grade Moulding Catalog
38 pages / 6.7mb PDF

Kelleher Exterior Moulding Catalog
Treated Exterior Grade - Crowns & Trim
Exterior Moulding Catalog
8 pages / 2.6mb PDF



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Custom Millwork

If you are doing a renovation or restoration project and need to match an existing pattern or profile and you can’t find what you are looking for, then we can make it to match. We have a long-standing relationship with an off-site woodworking shop whose millworkers are true artisans at their craft. Generally we can match or create a custom moulding style in any species of wood and deliver to our yard within a week or two. Talk to our millwork experts to learn more.

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South City Lumber & Supply Co.

If we do not have what you are looking for, or you need something special, give us a call or send us an We will do everything we can to find and get it to you as soon as possible.

Glider style replacement wood window with clear view

Windows & Doors

Our Window & Door Showroom is located in the original lumber yard office building and features an extensive display of molding and trim. We carry the major brands of Windows, Doors, Patio Doors, Skylights and Architectural Hardware. Visit our page to learn more.

The over sized front entry of this home features a low-maintenance fiberglass front door from Therma-Tru

Buyers Guide

Choosing the right window, front entry door or skylight for your home can be a complex process. Whether you are looking for curb appeal, energy efficiency or maintenance, our experts have put together a Window & Door Buyers Guide.

Roof instalation of a VELUX Sun Tunnel


We have a host of professional services available for builders, contractors and homeowners. From free estimates to plan take-offs, curbside delivery and Window & Door Consultation. Visit our Customer Service page to learn more.

Cover of South City Lumber & Supply Lumber & Wood Lumber Catalog PDF

Lumber & Wood Catalog

Our Lumber & Wood Catalog is a handy, easy to use six page reference guide to the type of lumber and wood products we inventory. Included are the sizes and lumber grades available, the building materials stocked, and the Contractor Services we offer.

Lumber & Wood Catalog

6 pages / 1.5MB PDF

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